My skin chemistry is a scientifically developed skin care solution both personal and professional products.
Our Laboratories select new ingredients and study different and specific formulations to obtain the best products for the best results. Advanced compounds and new technological solutions are selected to achieve the highest performance. My Skin Chemistry develop 4 specific lines of product, for every particular solution. All My Skin Chemistry products are produced under GMP cosmetics ISO (ISO 22716) and Lem company has a certified quality system to guarantee the maximum safety and quality (ISO 13485 - ISO 9001).

Complete line of personal cosmetics


Beauty Method is a complete line of personal cosmetic products for every specific need.
All My Skin Chemistry Beauty Method products contain sonicated hyaluronic acid, an exclusive patent procedure created by LEM which allows to fragment the molecular weight of the raw material.
For our formulations we use innovative functional ingredients that answer to skin necessities. We combine specific ingredients such as mimiking growth factors, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, Vitamins and PDRN.
We select advanced compounds and texture that ensure the best stability and bioavailability, thanks to the new technological innovations and continuous research.

Tailor made solution


Reniux is the specific line of My Skin Chemistry products for a tailor made solution for the best results, to be used as aftercare or as specific treatment.
The feature of all Reniux products is the sonicated hyaluronic acid and it is compound with the specific complex immediately before the application.
Lem patented Hyaluronic Acid is achived thanks to the sonication of HA in low, medium and high molecular weight, to obtain an exclusive mixture.
The compound of the ingredients at the moment of the administration allow to mix not soluble ingredients ensuring the stability of the formula and avoid contamination, using high concentration of ingredients.
In order to use the product at its best, it is recommended to use Reniux as a specific treatment or aftercare, such as: chemical peels, laser, dermapen.

Topical procedure fillers


Ultimate is an innovative line of My Skin Chemistry treatments to be used as filler but through a topical procedure.
The formulations are based on Sonicated Hyaluronic Acid mixed with a different Active Ingredients which are able to recover the mature, redness and acneic skins.
The product consists of a vial with the compounding already mixed which become a syringe ready and easy to use. Our innovative vial-syringe is able to preserve the stability and the quality of the raw material and the administration is very safe in a comfortable way.
The key ingredients of the line are patented Hyaluronic Acid, Mimiking Growth Factors, Perfluorodecalin, Vitamins, PDRN and Acne fighting ingredients.

Sterile vials


The sterile vials for professional and topical use of the “BIOREG” line are designed to offer a wide range of solutions that meet any aesthetic need.
Essential, safe and effective formulations, designed with pure functional active ingredients, aimed at obtaining immediate results, ready-to-use solutions, do not require the addition of other substances and/or dilutions.
Bioreg Formulations have a high scientific and medical content and they are produced with selected raw materials in clean room with saturated steam sterilization.
They are hermetically sealed, single-dose, ready-to-use in glass containers for preserve the integrity of the products by eliminating the risk of contamination and avoiding the use of preservative systems.



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